Pak seriously considering taking up drone strikes issue at UNSC

Pak seriously considering taking up drone strikes issue at UNSC

jjISLAMABAD: Government of Pakistan is seriously considering taking up the issue of US drone strikes in the tribal areas of Pakistan in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

According to sources, the government is consulting to raise the issue of drone strikes at the international forum and discussing its advantages and possible disadvantages, according to the collective decision of All Parties Conference (APC).

It is worth mentioning here that drone strikes are clear violation of International Laws and several International Organizations of Human Rights opposed these strikes too. Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif would inform US President Barack Obama in the proposed meeting with him on October 23 about concerns of Pakistani masses and religious and political leaders against drone attacks. It was also confirmed by Secretary Foreign Affairs.

According to government sources, the government is thinking seriously to take up the matter of US drone strikes at UNSC. Pakistan’s position in this regard is strong as Pakistan demanded officially to make international laws and regulations in war against terrorism too so that international community collectively can stop big powers from violating the security and sovereignty of any country.

According to diplomatic and defense experts and analysts the end of drone strikes would be helpful for efforts of brining peace in country.

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