Pakistan, India cooperation can address terrorism: Basit

Pakistan, India cooperation can address terrorism: Basit

basitPakistani High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit has said that solution of the key issues between Pakistan and India is essential for restoration of the sustainable peace in both countries as well as in the region.

During an interview with private TV Basit said that it is our effort to strengthen ties between neighbouring countries and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to India would help improve relations between the two countries. It would also help in resolving the long-standing issues and bring prosperity for the people of this region, he said.

He said that discussion about the relationship between both countries would premature and Pakistan is waiting for new Indian government, adding that terrorism has pushed Pakistan into difficulties and we are trying to inform Indians that terrorism is Pakistan’s problem and we are trying to address it, adding that both countries by joining hand can address the terrorism easily.

Basit hoped that ties between both countries would improve and this process would remain continued, adding that the Indian nation has given mandate of good governance to the Narindar Moodi. The vision of Moodi seems like vision of ex Indian prime minister Wajpai.

The way would be decided after the adaptation of new foreign policy by the newly elected Indian government, he said adding that Pakistan has concerns over the trade of Agriculture, Textile and the vehicles and we have demanded of the India to address the concerns and India has admitted the concern.

Abdul Basit said Prime Minister’s vision for peace and development in the region would remove differences between Pakistan and India.
He said all the matters or issues should be resolved through dialogue.

Basit said that Pakistan wants that the agreements between both countries should be implemented because Pakistan has a good frame work in which all issues are included.

He said that in presence of Kashmir issue surety can not be given that progress would be made in every sector. Some issues would take short time but some issues would take long time.

Basit said that unfortunately after Mumbai attacks the dialogue process could not be restored but we hope that after increase in meetings between leaders of both countries the trust would be increased and level of cooperation also would enhance.

Narindar Moddi has said that masses have given mandate of progress and Pakistan should show trust on Moddi’s statement and it would our utmost struggle to enhance cooperation as soon as possible.

Many conferences between Pakistan and India would be held this year and after the establishment of new Indian government Pakistan would decide its agenda, Basit added

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