Palestinians martyrdoms reach to 266 as Israel launches ground assault in Gaza

Palestinians martyrdoms reach to 266 as Israel launches ground assault in Gaza

20121218075814Israel stepped up its ground assault in Gaza pounding targets with artillery fire and using tanks and infantry on Friday , Palestinian martyrdoms reached to 266 in the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians. Meanwhile protest demonstrations throughout Pakistan on the call of different religious parties were carried out against the Israeli aggression on innocent Palestinians on Friday.

Palestinian health officials said 23 Palestinians had been killed since Israel launched its ground offensive against the densely-populated strip of 1.8 million Palestinians. Palestinians deaths toll reached to 266.

Gaza City resident Ebaa Rezeq told foreign media that while Israeli soldiers remained near the buffer zone, air raids and shelling were continuing to terrify civilians. In one of the air raids, a building housing local media offices in Gaza City was struck by three bombs. Israel maintains that the offensive is to destabilise Hamas and “demilitarise” Gaza.

A video clip released by the military showed six tanks rolling in through the sand dunes of Gaza, after a soldier opened a border fence, and two long rows of foot soldiers.

“We are using a very high level of fire power and artillery,” Israeli military spokesman Brigadier General Motti Almoz said.

In all, 266 Palestinians, most of them innocent civilians, women and children have been killed since the Israel launched the attack on July 8.

Earlier, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his disappointment over Israel’s air campaign in the Gaza Strip, accusing the Jewish State of seeking a “systematic genocide” of the Palestinians.

“The Western world remains silent, so does the Islamic world. Because those who lost their lives are Palestinian, you can’t hear their voices,” Erdogan said.

Meanwhile, on the call of the religious parties in the countries, in Islamabad and across the country, on Friday, condemn day was observed against the cruelty and barbarism of Israel against the innocent Palestinians.

People took the roads and staged severe protests and rallies against the killings of the innocent people including women and children in the Israeli aggression against the Palestine.

The leaders of the religious parties and the protesters appealed to the Muslim world to come forward to help the innocent Palestinians.

They demanded of the governments of the Muslim world to awake at this hour of trial in Palestine, saying that Gaza like circumstances can be created in any Muslim country in the world in future.

They also condemned the human rights organizations on their indifferences on the Muslims genocide in the Palestine.

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