Parliament & political parties to be taken into confidence regarding dialogues with Taliban on proper time: Nisar

Parliament & political parties to be taken into confidence regarding dialogues with Taliban on proper time: Nisar

govISLAMABAD:Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Saturday said Pakistan’s security situation had become more perilous after 9/11 incident, adding that while the country was in a state of war, the international community showed no consideration for the issues confronting it. He said that the parliament and political parties would be taken into confidence regarding dialogues with Taliban on proper time. He said if the new leadership of Taliban is not ready to hold talks then which key government should for making Taliban agree for dialogues.

Talking to the media persons after witnessing passing out parade of police officers at National Police Academy, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said the national security policy has been prepared and it will be presented in the special meeting of cabinet on Monday for approval.

The interior minister said the security policy was aimed at strengthening the country’s security agencies by equipping them with the latest technology.

Nisar further said the new leadership of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) refused to hold talks with the government following the drone attack. He added that talks will be held in line with the constitution and writ of the country. “The government will welcome those who want to take part in the dialogue process.”

He said the government would take the Parliament and all political parties into confidence over holding talks with the Taliban when the talks would reach at some stage. He said those who are asking government to take opposition in confidence regarding talks with Taliban should tell masses how many time in their five years tenure they had taken nation into confidence on important incidents. He said some time is needed to make progress regarding dialogues with Taliban, adding that the parliament and political parties will be taken into confidence after achieving some success in talks. He said that the government is making efforts for establishing peace in country by holding dialogues with the Taliban groups, which are intended to hold dialogues with government. He said that the efforts for establishing peace in country would continue, adding that if anyone want to take the vital role for holding dialogues with Taliban then government is ready to hand over the role to that person.

Nisar added that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s objective was to ensure that everyone should be able to contribute as they wanted and do their bit to establish peace in the country.

He said the government would get in touch with political leaders tomorrow and the day after in this regard.

The minister said it was the provincial governments’ mandate to control the law and order situation in their respective domains.

He lamented that little had been done to strengthen law enforcement and security agencies in the past 13 years, adding that countless had died in the line of duty.

Nisar pledged that the government would assist law enforcement agencies by arming them with new bomb disposal cars, robots and other latest equipment to combat security challenges.

He said under this policy an amount of twenty eight billion rupees has been proposed to equip the security forces with latest gadgets.

Regretting that the previous governments did not pay any attention towards formulation of the national security policy, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said we prepared the policy in a span of five to six months and its implementation will also be ensured in a given timeframe.

The Minister pointed out that our enemies have the latest equipment and we will also equip our security forces with modern tools. We want to operate from the position of strength whether we pursue the course of dialogue or operation.

He said the government will not rest till the country is made the abode of peace.

Meanwhile, addressing the passing out parade of police officer, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan called upon the police force to rise to the occasion to make the country a safer place.

He said Pakistan is passing through very difficult circumstances and situation.

He said the country is in such a state of war in which the enemies are playing hide and seek not only with the security forces but also with the people of Pakistan. It is a very difficult war and the police will have to perform beyond their normal resposibilities of policing for revival of serenity in the country.

Referring to the fallout of 9/11 incident on Pakistan, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said we are happy and relieved that most of the world has become a safer place but unfortunately Pakistan which had no role in vicious incident has become unsafer. He reminded that none of the alleged perpetrators of the incident originated from Pakistan yet we have borne the blood in the wake of 9/11 incident.

He said many thousand men, women and personnel of security forces have lost their lives in the war against terrorism but there is no understanding at the international level about Pakistan’s insecurity. Chaudhry Nisar asked the police officers to perform duties honestly. He also said that the difference of right and wrong has ended in country, adding that the police officers should earn money in right way. He said that the police should assist the armed forces and civil armed forces for establishing peace in the country. He said that it was the prime responsibility of the police to provide justice to masses.

Earlier, the Minister witnessed the passing out parade of the newly inducted police officers.

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