Parliament president candidate Sajjad Karim ‘serious’ on clamping down corruption with new intake of MEPs

Parliament president candidate Sajjad Karim ‘serious’ on clamping down corruption with new intake of MEPs

sajad-kareemNew Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will receive clearer information on how to comply with the European Parliament’s Code of Conduct in a bid to clamp down potential corruption cases and increase transparency. A useful booklet will be available in welcome packs for MEPs who are newly elected to the European Parliament.

The new intake from all 28 member states, as well as existing members, will have greater access to information on how to abide by the Parliament’s strict rules on dealing with issues such as declaring gifts or reporting potential conflict of interests.

These changes were brought in by the Advisory Committee on the Code of Conduct for members, currently chaired by British Conservative MEP Sajjad Haider Karim, which was established after the 2012 ‘cash for amendments’ scandal.

Sajjad Karim is keen to ensure that MEPs face no ambiguity interpreting the Parliament’s rules and openness and transparency is at the core of the Parliament’s work.

In an interview Sajjad Haider Karim said: “If we are to make any progress in reconnecting with voters, people need to see a European Parliament that is open and transparent. Some of the conflict of interests lies in the ambiguous wording of the Code; however the committee which I currently chair has made strong reforms in ensuring that the rules are clear and unethical behaviour is stopped. Furthermore, as the chair of this committee, my door is open to all MEPs who require help with clarifying the rules.”

The British MEP, who is currently the only declared candidate running in the race to be the next European Parliament president, warmly congratulated existing President Martin Schulz for his support of the committee.

Sajjad Karim added: “President Schulz has played an important role in allowing this committee to develop and has given a lot of time and consideration on the committee’s deliberations.”

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