People Power: Matthew C Martino

People Power: Matthew C Martino

Matthew-C-MartinoYoung entrepreneurs tend to have a lot of people power, 21year old Matthew C Martino has published 2 books, formed 3 companies, produced films and he is now considered a very influential figure within the UK business industry as ranks his net worth at $200k.

Matthew C Martino
Date of Birth: 27/10/1992
Net Worth: $200k
Source of wealth: Investments, Producing films, Acting & Books
Residence: Essex,UK

Matthew Martino was the former Chief Executive of private charter firm F5 Air which went into administration in 2012. Martino presently runs aviation consultancy company Lets Fly Academy which provides information and training resources to aspiring pilots. The 21year old also owns shares in an unknown News Group as well as a land investment portfolio.


Not bad at all for 21, Martino is best known for his business rant ‘No room for deadwood’ and has in the past spoken how he has achieved all he has through not allowing room for deadwood.

Martino’s future is set to see expanding of his Lets Fly Academy business as well as a Matthew Martino brand being formed although this has been rumoured Sharon Harris from Martino’s HQ has confirmed ‘MM will happen’ she tweeted.


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