‘Plan D’ going to be ‘dangerous’, Imran warns

‘Plan D’ going to be ‘dangerous’, Imran warns

pkkkISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan says that letter ‘D ‘in his ‘Plan D’, which he will announce on December 18, actually stands for ‘dangerous.

“If the judicial commission is not formed shortly, the PTI will blast off its ‘Plan D’, which I am afraid is a dangerous one,” said he addressing his workers protesting at a sit-in near Parliament House.

Khan burst out that the protest under his ‘Plan C’, the half of which was yet to be executed, would continue to gain momentum until the constitution of a fact-finding body comprising jurists from higher judiciary.

“The whole country will go under a lockdown if the government stonewalled a judicial vote fraud probe”, Khan roared unleashing a straight-from-the-shoulder caveat.

Going forward, the cricketer-turned-politician resolutely vowed to take the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) bullboys by the horns in case of possible state-sponsored violence during his party’s upcoming protest strike in Lahore.

“PMLN’s Gullu Butts better brace themselves to face up the power of passion on December 15,” Khan thundered.

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