PM reiterates resolve to conduct free, fair and transparent polls; rules out extension in caretaker set up

PM reiterates resolve to conduct free, fair and transparent polls; rules out extension in caretaker set up

ISLAMABAD, (SANA): Caretaker Prime Minister justice (retd) Mir Hazar Khan Khoso while addressing the nation has said there would be no extension in the caretaker set up. He said that the government will succeed in its duty to hold elections on 11 May.

He said government wants to hold free, fair and transparent elections in country, adding that no one would be allowed to kill the innocent people. He said election commission is fully capable to overcome any crisis.

He said no one would be allowed to disturb the peace of the country. He said that it is good omen that all Balcoh nationalist parties are taking part in the elections. He said that the next elections are very important, adding that the masses should take part in the elections so that we could prove strong leadership to country and should put country on the road of progress.

He said that the Almighty Allah has given great blessings to Pakistan. He said that the interim government has full realization of the load shedding problem in the country, adding that there should be no load shedding for 36 hours from the evening of 10 May. He said that the caretaker government has inherited the electricity load shedding.

PM said he has ordered to the finance ministry to immediately issue 45 billion rupees for the solution of the problem of electricity. Prime minister said he condemns the terrorist attacks in country. He said that the army is ready for help during the polls, adding that upon arising need the army could be summoned immediately.

Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso held out an assurance to the nation that free, fair, transparent, impartial and peaceful elections would be held on 11th of this month.

He said this is mandate of the caretaker government and the Election Commission and all necessary steps would be taken to achieve this objective.

The Prime Minister said on completion of elections the reign of the government will be transferred to the elected representatives of the people without any delay.

He said we will not accept extension in the tenure of the caretaker government at any cost and under no circumstances.

Mir Hazar Khan Khoso said it is right of every Pakistani to express his opinion through exercise of right to vote.  It will be endeavour of the government that a voter is able to cast vote according to choice and freedom.  He said we will ensure that sanctity of the vote is maintained.

The Prime Minister said he has issued instructions to all government departments and officials to remain impartial.

He said maintenance of peace and security is an important priority for the caretaker government.  We will not allow any one to disturb peace and play with life and property of the people or destroy peace.  It is unfortunate that there have been acts of terrorism in Balochistan, KPK and Karachi and innocent people were martyred.

He strongly condemned terrorism and said all measures are being taken to control terrorism.

The Prime Minister pointed out that although maintenance of law and order falls under the domain of provincial governments, he is in  constant touch with all caretaker chief minsters and law enforcing agencies so that electoral process is conducted peacefully.

He said the government has prepared plans for deployment of army and quick response force to meet any eventuality during the elections which will respond immediately when required.

Mir Hazar Khan Khoso said the govrnment has set up a special cell in the Interior Minister to collect intelligence reports and share them with provincial governments and law enforcing agencies.  The cell is empowered to take decisions for timely action.

He said all resources will be used to improve security of the sensitive  polling stations and their effective monitoring.

The Prime Minister said elections are a few days away when people will elect their representatives under the supervision of the election commission.  He said he was convinced that an independent and impartial Election Commission is capable of meeting any challenges during the electoral process.

The Federal and provincial governments are extending every possible cooperation to the Election Commission to complete the electoral process in an amiable manner.

The Prime Minister said general elections carry extra-ordinary importance in view of internal and external challenges facing the country and said only an elected government can address these problems.  He urged political parties, leaders ulema, people and media to play their role to fulfil this responsibility.  He urged people to cast their votes on the election day.

Mir Hazar Khan Khoso said appointment of caretaker Prime Minister from Balochistan will have far reaching impact and hoped that it would help address the sense of deprivation of the province besides promoting national solidarity.

The Prime Minister said he visited Balochistan recently and expressed satisfaction that all political parties of the provinces are taking full part in the electoral process.

He said during his visit to Karachi, he chaired a high level meeting to discuss ways and means to conduct elections in the province and especially in Karachi in peaceful environment.

The Prime Minister said he was not oblivious to the problems of the people including outbreak of measles.

He said power load shedding is result of yawning gap between demand and supply of electricity.  He said Ministry of Finance has been instructed to release forty-five billion rupees to ensure supply of fuel to power plants and increase power generation.  He said Ministry of Water and Power has been instructed to ensure that there is no load shedding in the country for thirty-six hours from the evening of 10th of this month so that people could cast their vote and results are compiled expeditiously.

The Prime Minister said he has asked Ministry of Finance to prepare the next budget on realistic basis bringing down the unnecessary expenditure, promoting austerity, preventing wastage of national resources and making good use of available resources.  He said the budget should not put unnecessary burden on the common man.

The Prime Minister expressed the confidence that the caretaker government would leave behind a better economy for the next government through financial discipline and administrative measures.

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