PM to visit Tharparkar today for meeting with drought affectees: Rashid

PM to visit Tharparkar today for meeting with drought affectees: Rashid

pm tISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Parvez Rashid has said that Prime Minister Main Namaz Sharif will visit Tharparkar to meet with the drought affectees today (Monday). He said that the dialogues with Taliban would be held soon, adding that the dialogue is the first option for the resolution of the terrorism problem in country.

In an interview with a private TV channel Parvez Rashid said the dialogues are going to be held with Taliban soon and new committee will be formed, adding that he did not want to comment on the statement of KPK Information Minister Shoukat Yousufzai to open Taliban office in Peshawar. He said these are serious matters and media should avoid debating these issues. He said that the dialogue is the best option for the resolution of the terrorism problem. He said that this is 14 years old story, adding that this matter is being taken up today.

He said very short period has past when PML-N government came in power. He said that the government should be allowed to given peace to masses, adding that the whole masses are looking towards the government. He said the matters should be settled before happening anything.

He said the dialogues are the first priority with the Taliban. He said KPK government has been included in the dialogue process, adding that the KPK has been made battlefield of terrorism by terrorists. He said that the people who are carrying out terrorist activities belong from KPK.

He said that federal government wants to help Sindh provincial government by keeping itself above from politics and point scoring. He said that the fist duty of the government is the help of brothers and sisters. He said that the federal government does not play politics on the issue, adding that this is time of unity. He said the prime minister has taken immediate action over the situation of Tharparkar. He said prime minister will visit Tharparar today (Monday) while suspending all his routine activities in Islamabad, adding that the prime minister will meet brothers and sisters affected from drought in Tharparkar.

He said the federal government wants to save the lives of the women, men and children, adding that the governments should fulfill their responsibilities. He said Tharparkar is part of Pakistan and provision of assistance to the people of the area is the responsibility of the federal government.

He said that the life could not stop due to some natural calamity and it continues, adding that Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif had offered support for the affectees of Tharparkar. He said helicopters have been provided for the assistance of the affected people.

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