PML-N candidate Ayaz Amir allowed contesting upcoming elections

PML-N candidate Ayaz Amir allowed contesting upcoming elections

RAWALPINDI, (SANA): Election Tribunal of Lahore High Court (LHC) has declared the decision of returning officers against former member of National Assembly belonging to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and well known columnist Chaudhry Ayaz Amir as null and void and permitted him to contest the election.

Division bench of High Court on Wednesday heard the appeal filed by Ayaz Amir against the returning officer. Salman Akram Raja appeared on behalf of Ayaz Amir and gave arguments against the grounds on basis of which papers of Ayaz Amir were rejected. He termed these grounds as baseless.

The bench declared void the decision of returning officer against former MNA. After hearing the case of not fulfilling article 62 and 63 of the constitution bench permitted Ayaz Amir to contest the upcoming general election from the National Assembly constituency NA-60.

While talking to media, after the hearing of the case, Ayaz Amir said that in the 18th amendment of the constitution article 62 and 63 should be discussed. He said that he does not know on which grounds this was not done, adding that in the forthcoming assembly the issue of articles should be discussed.

Ayaz Amir was of the view that Pakistan was founded for prosperity and liberalism and to move ahead, adding that the country should have a good name in the nations of the world, we should be able to get noble prize every year when the announcement is made for awarding noble prize and the country should be known for these things in the world.

Ayaz Amir further said that Justice Mammon Sheikh used nice words for Ardrisar Kaus G and said the opponent lawyer that whether he knows who Kaus G was, adding that he was a minority member and significant personality and how we have dealt the minorities.

He was of the view that the case of rejection of his papers was different from all the other cases; this was for the first time in the history that on basis of columns, nomination papers of a candidate were rejected. The decision from the judges will be written in the history of the law.

On this occasion , Salman Akram said that by this decision country has stepped forward, freedom of expression was tried to harm and, Ayaz Amir was indicted to be opponent of Ideology of Pakistan but the judiciary did not take it credible and gave crystal clear decision.

Salman Akram said that judges was of the view that we should have morale of appreciating pretty things and taunt someone having such ideas and understanding not eligible to contest the election is not the part of our constitution and law.

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