Power-sharing formula in Sindh decided: Malik

Power-sharing formula in Sindh decided: Malik

altaaKARACHI: The way has been paved for the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) to re-join the Sindh’s coalition government, as the two major parties of the province held parleys to iron out all kinks for the purpose.

The delegations of PPP and the MQM sat together at Governor House and held out assurances to each other for future smooth-sailing. PPP leader Senator Rehman A. Malik appearing from the meeting, announced that issues have been settled between the two parties.

“In politics, we have reconciliation, not wedlock,” Malik while sparring lightly with the media persons, remarked announcing that the two parties will jointly contest the Senate elections.

According to the negotiated formula, seven Senate seats will be bagged by the PPP and the MQM will take the four out of 11 Sindh seats, he remarked adding the power-sharing formula has been worked out for Sindh’s coalition government.

Malik was of the view that it is highly vital for the two parties to work in concert for the betterment of the country and the province.

Altaf talks to Malik and CM Shah
Earlier, MQM chief Altaf Hussain called up Malik and Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah as the delegations of the two parties were engaged in a meeting at Governor House.

Altaf Hussain was of the view that it is incumbent upon the two parties to foster harmony and reconciliation in the province marked with discord frequently stoked among the people here.

Paving the way for the rapprochement with the former ally in Sindh government in the run up to the Senate elections, the Muttahida chief also observed emphatically, “The two parties will strive to solve the manifold issues faced by people.”

MQM seeks written assurance
It should be mentioned here that the MQM officially announced on Tuesday that it will re-join Sindh government and make seat adjustments with the PPP in the upcoming March 3 Senate elections.

Having decided to support PPP in return for the same in Senate elections, MQM seeks a written agreement with its major ally this time round ahead of walking the power corridors. For the purpose, a committee with members from the two sides has been made to hash out a power-sharing formula.

During London meeting between Hussain and Malik, the former was given assurance that 60:40 job quota in the government jobs, will be implemented.

Malik calls on Altaf in London as Zardari also phones
It is pertinent to note here that Malik shot to London with an important message from former President and co-chairman of Pakistan PPP Asif Ali Zardari, who set in motion the reconciliation process by calling up Hussain last week.

In their telephonic chat, Zardari and Hussain both agreed to mend fences by backing up each others in Senate election.

The two parties also decided that out of 11 Sindh seats, seven will go to the PPP and remaining four will be notched by the MQM.

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