Probe of poll rigging otherwise PTI to demand mid term elections: Imran warns

Probe of poll rigging otherwise PTI to demand mid term elections: Imran warns

imran khanChairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan demanding audit of the entire results of general elections 2013, has warned government that if the probe regarding rigging in general elections halted than PTI would demand mid term elections in the country. He said that the future course of action would be announced during the Azadi March in Islamabad on 14th August.

Addressing to a press conference after core committee meeting in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should resign in the wake of mishandling of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) issue.

He lashed out at the Nawaz-led government, saying load-shedding had increased during this government’s tenure. PPP’s term was far better than the PML-N’s. I am pleased to see the statement of Asif Zardari in favour of recount of four constituencies of Punjab. But the talk of four constituencies recount has gone back, now entire election audit should be conducted, he said.

He said no one in Pakistan was happy with the performance of incumbent government, adding that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had delayed the vote recount request for four constituencies for too long.

Imran said that PTI does not harbour any ill feelings towards any political party and demanded an audit of the complete electoral process. “The time for evaluating four constituencies is now over,” he said.

The PTI chief alleged that CCTV cameras were forcefully closed so that rigging could take place on May 11 last year. “Asif Zardari has also called Nawaz Sharif a king instead of prime minister,” the PTI chief said adding, “It is encouraging.”

The PTI chief speculated that preparations are being made to sabotage PTI’s August 14 long march. Imran also said that the army’s “parade” would take place in the morning, and that the PTI’s tsunami march would reach the capital in the evening. He added that the August 14 long march would be peaceful, adding that all of the PTI’s rallies had been peaceful in the past.

It will be an end of government if government attempted to stop our peaceful march in Islamabad on August 14, Khan warned.

Regarding the Model Town incident, Imran said the tragic incident was carried out by the Sharif family’s servants and those responsible should be charged with murder.

Khan said his party had been calling for verification in four constituencies for the last 14 months and asked why the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) was fearful of providing them justice.

He added that all parties had been calling for verification of votes so why was this not done?

The PTI chairman said his party’s next course of action would be announced on August 14. He emphasised that the PTI would not have problems with anyone, Khan said adding that peaceful protest was his party’s right and people would take part in the rally on August 14 for real freedom. He said whole nation would come out of their homes on 14th August for securing independence from the rulers. He said that the poll rigging evidences would be brought before the nation on Independence Day.

He said demanded action against Director General ECP Shar Afgan, returning officers for rigging, adding that there was a preplanned organized rigging and all were the involved. The transparent elections are impossible without stern action against DG ECP and others, he added.

We want that rigging should not be done in coming polls and no one should be permitted to theft the public mandate and article 06 of the constitution should be invoked on rigging, he said adding that we want all political parties should assist PTI on the rigging issue.

The PTI chairman also asked Chief Minister Shahbaz Shairf why he had not resigned following the Model Town tragedy. He called for the resignation of Abid Sher Ali over the failure of the Nadi Pur project.

Khan said Finance Minister Ishaq Dar should have resigned after lying in the National Assembly while Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should resign over the IDPs situation.

The PTI chairman said he was happy that former president Asif Ali Zardari had described the present government as a monarchy.

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