Prof. Ibrahim contacts Maulana Sami, apprises him about meeting with TTP political shura

Prof. Ibrahim contacts Maulana Sami, apprises him about meeting with TTP political shura

527632-image-1364419749-994-640x480ISLAMABAD, AKORA KHATTACK: Professor Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, member of the arbitration committee and coordinator of the arbitration Committee Maulana Yousaf Shah have contacted Maulana Samiul Haq and apprised him about their meetings with Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) political shura in North Waziristan Agency; meanwhile the contacts are being made with the government committee in this regard. Maulana Samiul Haq has appealed to hold khatam-e-Qurran and khatam-e-Bukhari Sharif for peace agreement between the government and the Taliban in seminaries of the country.

Meanwhile the Chief Minister KPK Parvez Khan khattack has said that the provincial government has provided all possible facilities to the arbitration committee, adding that the committee is extending every possible support to committee. He said that the security is being provided in settled areas of the KPK to committee. Meanwhile the Governor KPK Engineer Shaukatullah Khan had issued directions to political administration of North Waziristan Agency for cooperation with the arbitration committee. The federal government had contacted governor KPK in this regard. The TTP has once again clarified that it has no role in recent terrorism incidents of Peshawar. The Taliban have demanded of the government to take notice and trace the foreign elements and personnel of the foreign security agencies, to ensure law and order in country. It is expected that the leniency would be shown on certain matters both parties for the success of the dialogues.

According to a statement issued from Akora Khatak Maulana Samiul Haq has said that he was hopeful for the success of the dialogues. Khatam-e-Qurran and Bukhari Sharif have been started in Jamia Haqqania Akora Khatak for the success of the dialogues. He said hundreds and thousands of students of Jamia Haqqania Akora Khatak are busy in recitation of the Holy Qurran with the start of the negotiations of the arbitration committee and Taliban Political Shura in North Waziristan on Saturday. He said this process should remain continue in all the mosques of the country. He said this is not time of playing politics and point scoring. He said this is the matter of security and safety of whole nation. He said we have to save country from any new operation, adding that this could result in killing of thousands of people and hundreds and thousands of displacements and unrest in whole country. He said it was the responsibility of the whole nation to put water on the fire which has been lit by the occupational forces. Maulana said they are not disappointed from the blessings of Almighty Allah, adding that the whole nation should pray for the success of the dialogues.

Professor Ibrahim and Maulana Yousaf Shah had arrived in North Waziristan via helicopter to convey the demands of the government’s committee to the Taliban leadership on Saturday. Early, TTP political shura had presented its demands before negotiating team members.

According to a private TV channel TTP presented their demands before Prof Muhammad Ibrahim Khan and its coordinator Maulana Yousaf Shah.

The demands of Taliban were release of its prisoners, withdrawal of army from insurgency-hit areas besides compensation to the affectees of military operation and drone strikes. The matter of ceasefire also came under discussion during the meeting of arbitration committee and Taliban political shura. The conditional ceasefire is also expected. The Taliban has could show leniency in demand of holding dialogues under the ambit of shariah. The matters are moving forward in positive manner. The dialogues between the arbitration committee and Taliban political shura continued on Sunday. TTP political shura leaders Qari Shakeel and Sheikh khalid Haqqani briefed the arbitration committee members.

According to a private TV channel the final phase of negotiations would be held today (Monday). Meanwhile the participation of Maulana Samiul Haq in negotiations is also expected. The TTP political shura has invited Maulana Samiul Haq in North Waziristan. After holding final meeting with the Taliban political shura the arbitration committee would convey the demands of the Taliban to government committee. According to sources the Taliban have shown leniency in their demands during dialogues on Sunday and matters are moving forward in right direction.

According to sources it is feared that the foreign elements are involved in the terrorist incidents in country and it has been demanded that these foreign hands should have to be exposed. It is worth mentioning here that the PTI information secretary Dr Shireen Mazari has written a letter to interior ministry and has pointed out several foreign security agencies. According to sources the progress has been observed in the dialogues and matters are moving forward in right direction.

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