PTI core committee decides to end NATO supply blockade in light of PHC verdict

PTI core committee decides to end NATO supply blockade in light of PHC verdict

blocedISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) core committee has decided to end months long blockade of NATO supply route through protests and sit-ins after Peshawar High Court termed the move illegal.

PTI Chief made the formal announcement after consultation with core committee members.

The PTI Core Committee in its meeting on Thursday discussed the PHC judgment on the blockade of transit goods into landlocked Afghanistan and decided that, given PTI’s commitment to rule of law and respect for the senior judiciary, the Party will end its blockade of NATO supplies.

The Core Committee felt that the pressure of the blockade had already resulted in a shift in the Obama Administration’s drone policy and as a result drones had been stopped for the present. PTI also reminded that earlier it was PTI that had built up the pressure against drones by its Waziristan march, supported by international human rights groups. The Core Committee thanked all its workers who had helped make the NATO supply blockade a success.

The Core Committee also regretted that the PMLN government had failed to show respect for law and the senior judiciary by not implementing an earlier PHC judgment against US drone attacks in which the federal government had been required to blockade NATO supplies and even shoot down a drone if the US failed to stop drone attacks.

It is worth mentioning here that the Peshawar High Court (PHC) termed the blockade illegal on Tuesday in its verdict. The bench comprised two high court judges Justice Yahya Afridi and Justice Malik Manzoor Hussain who heard the petition filed by a local trader Haji Lal Muhammad. The petition moved against forced inspection and blockade of Afghanistan-bound containers by PTI workers.

PHC also ordered the provincial government to ensure human rights and freedom. PTI has been vocal against US and its role in war on terror and policies. PTI had blocked the NATO supply route on November 23rd last year through sit-ins and protests.

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