PTI to put an end to military operation in Balochistan: Imran

PTI to put an end to military operation in Balochistan: Imran

LORALAI, (SANA): Chairman Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that if voted to power, his party would put an end to military operation in Balochistan forever.

Addressing a public gathering in Loralai on Wednesday‚ the PTI chief said that Pakistan will be made an Islamic welfare state where the basic rights of the masses will be safeguarded.

Imran Khan said the time has come to change of the system; therefore‚ he added masses must come out for this change.

He said PTI will focus on the resolution of the problems being faced by different provinces and particular attention will be paid to resolve the problems of the Baloch people.

Khan said utmost efforts are being made to bring honest people to represent the masses in the parliament.

“We will introduce new local bodies system and pay special attention for the uplift of the education sector,” he added.

Later, addressing public meeting at Sibi Imran Khan said ‘professional politicians’ have plundered people of Balochistan by depriving them from their rights.

He said that if the people of Balochistan want to change their fate then they would have to struggle.

Imran khan urged people to vote not on the basis of personality‚ sectarian or ethnic basis but for the ideology. Imran Khan said his party has introduced a new culture in the country.

He said that Balochistan has been pushed on the verge of destruction by shortsighted politicians who have nothing to do with the rights of common man; rather their mission was to collect wealth in the name of so-called democracy, adding that now the biggest province is burning in the fire of hate and sectarianism while rulers are making merriments.

“If the PTI comes to power, no influential person would be able to register false cases against the poor in the name of so-called rules and regulations”, said Imran.

History records that the leaders uplifted their nation in the very first turn. The political parties, which have made it their routine to rule over the people in the name of so-called democracy, actually have nothing to do with the issues of the nation. Rather their mission is to collect wealth by hook or crook.

He said that PTI would introduce local government system in the country so that power may be transferred to the grassroots revel.

While lashing out on conservative politicians, he said that days of cruel politicians are numbered and the PTI will exterminate them forever from the political scene.

“If the PTI comes to power, it would introduce and promote simple culture in the country”, said. He said that Thana and Katchehry culture would be exterminated from the country.

He said that it is recognized reality that you supported President Asif Ali Zardari in looting and plundering the nation. He challenged the PML-N leadership to face him if it has courage to reply his questions.

“Punjab government spent billions of rupees on a single project in Lahore, while setting aside the entire province at the mercy of fate.

He urged the youth that they should visit door to door to the people and urge them to support the PTI in forthcoming elections.

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