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Rashid says politicians scared from accountability; says govt’s should be changed through votes of masses

Pervez-RashidLAHORE: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Pervez Rashid has said that a mindset to dominate Pakistan through gun resulted in scores of guns here and there, adding that these persons wants to enforce their mindset on masses through bullet. He said that the politicians are scared from the accountability of masses through votes, adding that governments should come and go through votes of masses in country.

While addressing the book launching ceremony of journalists Saeed Asi, Pervez Rashid said a person in Pakistan considers the bullet fired from his gun as his big argument. He said all the countrymen would have to defeat such mindset. He said democracy in Pakistan was always toppled whereas governments in India come into power with the votes of masses rendering good outcomes. He said today India is not victim of terrorism and crisis of energy. He said the democracy is the only way forward in which problems of the masses could be resolved. Pervez Rashid said they continued struggle for the democracy, adding that change may come only with the polls.

He admitted that politicians fear from the accountability by the people. He said that it happened for the first time that rulers started to fear from accountability via votes. Those who question: “Kab Raj Karey Gi Khalq-e-Khuda”, reply to those people is this the masses threw out corrupts rulers with the power of vote, he said.

He said the problems can be resolved through democracy and this principle was acknowledged for the first time in 65 years of history of Pakistan that government came into power with votes and departed away, adding that if it was admitted in 1947, most of issues would have not been confronted by the Pakistani masses, which are being faced today. He said ruler, who come with the force of bullet takes five or ten years but it takes decades to finish its bad affects.

He said work on installation of smart meters on the grid stations started and would take time up to December which would make impossible electricity theft. He said if the officer responsible for grid station would not deposit full cash, he would be sent home.

He said consultancy of prime minister is underway regarding appointment of NAB chairman with opposition leader in National Assembly. He expressed his desire for public rule and said all the individuals sitting in the hall spent major portion of their lives for democracy as these persons remained linked to democratic and political movements while seeing dreams of democracy in Pakistan.

He said sometimes they found realization of their dreams and sometimes became disappointed but they remained linked to this dream.

He said one portion of dream realized as the last government and important personalities were sent home with the power of votes of masses.

He said the people of Pakistan now committed that governments in the country can be changed through votes and complete their tenures, adding that this principle was not accepted in 65 years of country’s history. He said misfortune of country started from the very first day.

He said experiences of four dictators proved wrong their statements and proved right the statements of people taking part in democratic struggle that rule by one person take birth with the barrel of gun. He said there are guns everywhere in country, be it Karachi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or Blochistan. He said one who sheds blood of innocent people, consider it as virtue.

Pervez Rasheed said if the government cannot serve the masses, the masses can hold accountability of the government after five years though vote. The information ministers said that the government fears from the accountability by the masses and were unaware of this fear before today. He said they saw the end of former government but Ayyub Khan did not see the end of his formers. He said rule of people has started. He said the rulers who did not provide electricity, jobs and were corrupt sent by the people to their homes with the power of vote.

Meanwhile in an interview with state run TV Pervez Rashid claimed progress in talks between government and the Taliban insurgent groups.

Rashid said that Taliban have expressed their willingness to join the negotiations proposed and endorsed by All Parties Conference.

However, he said that no timeframe could be given about the results for now.

Replying to a question about high-level appointments in army, the minister said a final decision in this regard would be revealed by today (Monday). He said that the appointments would be made in transparent manner by keeping merit in mind.

The minister stated that PML-N government is working on a power project to generate 6600 MW electricity. He said the subsidy is being abolished to overcome the circular debt issue. He said that the government would continue giving subsidy of Rs 167 billion to consumers using less than 200 units. He said that the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project was started late but it would be completed at all costs.

He said Pakistan was following the policy of non-interference in internal matters of other countries, adding that no other country would be allowed to interfere in the matters of Pakistan. He said that international community hailed the foreign policy of Nawaz Sharif.
He said Pakistan wants friendly relations with India for the durable peace in the region. He said PML-N government was trying to drag out small provinces from problems, adding that the PML-N did not try to form government in Balochistan. Parvez Rashid said Dr Abdul Malik Baloch was dealing with all the matters of province. Replying a question he said India by following the international borders should not violate the line of control.

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