SC judge terms brutal murder of woman outside of LHC as disastrous

SC judge terms brutal murder of woman outside of LHC as disastrous

Supreme-Court-of-PakistanThe brutal murder of the 25 year –old pregnant woman who was stoned to death at the doorstep of the Lahore High Court last week while the police stood by, I see nothing in such like horrible incidents frequently occurring across the country but disaster.

The Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan Justice Sh. Azamt Saeed expressed these views in the inaugural ceremony of a one-week refresher course on “Gender Sensitization and New Laws” for Senior Civil Judges from all over Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan here at the Federal Judicial Academy (FJA)/ the Center of Excellence for Law and Judicial Education, Islamabad, on Monday.

Lamenting the situation the honorable Judge of the Apex Court said, “If you open any national newspaper you will find several news items regarding ruthless murder of women. We are living in a society where newly wed-women are burnt to death. We are living in a society where mothers invent the murder of their daughters. We are living in society where justice seekers are being killed in a broad daylight right under nose of police and in the presence of a crowd. This is the society in which we all are living today.”

He said, “Women –hating or man’s ego-massaging against women is a deep-rooted problem. Unfortunately, we take our serious problems for granted. We never address our problems properly based on facts and research. Research conducted on this very important social issue reveals that no punishment to the evil doers coupled with attitude of police and attitude of judges towards the victim encourages such mob frenzy incidents.

It is a problem of our attitude. Women –hating is a concrete attitude; it is a concrete attitude problem. We take those attitudes and adopt in our culture. Our attitudes are like dinosaurs, we still find polite ways to describe topics such as “gender discrimination” as “gender-sensitization.” We have to discourage those attitudes which insult and oppress women. There is nothing polite about such horrible incident which happened just outside the Lahore High Court which is one of the oldest High Courts in the country.”

He said, “The demon lives in all of us but we have to confront it. Let’s confront it. Lets call spade a spade. The brutal murder of women on one pretext or another is not, and it should not be the law of the land.
We should not allow men to do cruel things against women in our society. I know that these cruel things happen against women around the world. If we listen to the world media and go through the YouTube we come across several suck like horrible reports but my concern is my country. I know that it is a problem, not related only to Pakistan, but we have to confront this demon.

Such like cruel things should not happen with our women anywhere in the country, he said adding that It‘s a man’s ego-massaging attitude which claims innocent lives of women. We have to shun this attitude; we have to shun our sectarian attitude. If anyone of us can’t shun this attitude which is prevalent in our society, then, one should find another job; he is not suited to the job of a judge.

The Judge said, “There is consensus among all sociologists that status given to women in any society reflects its civilization. It is a rule of thumb. Attitudes prevalent in our society have not been conducive towards them. You visit village after village in the rural areas, you will not find even a single inch of land inherited by women. Not only rural areas but also come to the well-settled areas of Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Quetta if you ask any businessmen who started this business, he will reply, “My grandfather or father but he will not say that my grandmother or mother. This reflects our attitude towards women in our society. “

He said, “It is my personal observation, I could observe it when I was the Chief Justice of Lahore High Lahore that women become better judges, if they are given a proper environment. They become focused and have less charges of corruption. Indeed, their requirements are treatable and those should be treated properly and we have to make sure that there should not be any discrimination against them.”

Presenting his welcome speech and a brief profile of the honorable chief guest, Dr. Faqir Hussain, DG, FJA/CoE thanked the honorable chief guest to find time from his busy schedule to grace the inaugural ceremony.

He said, “Since the Academy has been converted into the Center of Excellence for Law and Judicial Education, its scope has expanded. Besides imparting trainings to the key stakeholders of administration of justice system, it has also to impart trainings to others who are related to the administration of justice such as lawyers, prosecutors, prisons administration, and investigators, government officers etc. Courses/ modules are being designed for them.”

He also highlighted the salient features of the course and said that primarily two issues such as gender sensitization and new laws along with some conventional subjects would become focus of this weeklong course.

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