SC orders federation to legislate to avoid misreporting of media

SC orders federation to legislate to avoid misreporting of media

Supreme-Court-of-Pakistan Interior Secretary and Director General Intelligence Bureau (DG, IB) have submitted their reply in the Supreme Court in case regarding the placement of malicious banners against judiciary in federal capital Islamabad, meanwhile SC taking notice of a news published in daily newspaper has directed AG to inform government that the reporters are miss reporting the hearing of cases, so it should legislate on the issue.

The Attorney General (AG) submitted reply of both officials before the two member bench of SC headed by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja on Wednesday.

The President Press Association of Supreme Court (PAS) Khuda Yar Mohla has informed the court that the code of conduct for beat reporters has been prepared, meanwhile senior reporter, member of PAS Matiullah Jan appearing before the court said that court should not give such observation in its ruling because it would e interpreted.

The Court should issue the contempt notices to that anchor who has telecasted the program on TV channel and the reporter who had given the new for publishing in newspaper, adding that after hearing them court should issue its ruling. If the SC thinks that misreporting is being done than court may issue directive for provision of recording of court proceedings, Matiullah asked the court but Justice Jawwad remarked that court would not give such order.

As court resumed the hearing of case the AG informed the court that the reports of Interior Secretary Shahid Khanand Director General Intelligence Bureau (DG, IB) Aftab Sultan say that three accused Shafiq Butt, Muhammad Nazar and Muhammad Ghafoor have been arrested who were involved in placing the malicious banners against judiciary in Islamabad.

AG said that the investigations of the case lodged in Aabpara Police Station are underway, requesting that the court may grant some time to complete probe for reaching to the actual culprits.

Meanwhile during the course of hearing Advocate Tauseef Asif was of the view that main accused involved into the issue have not been arrested, adding that people came on Prado vehicles have placed the banners. However he was not allowed by the court to submit his further arguments.

The Supreme Court (SC) in its order has said that the court has brought the issue in notice of learned Attorney General (AG) for Pakistan that some people in media want that the institutions of the nation and country may not work properly and the malicious programs are being telecasted on TV channel, adding that court has giving a script of a program had directed the AG to probe into the matter.

The Court said in its ruling that matter of placing banners was under probe, however in the meanwhile a national newspapers has published a statement affiliated to Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, that was not said by him.

The court called the reporter of that newspaper, however he was not present in the court but it was explained in the order of SC that such statement has not been given by the head of the bench. The court in order said that apex court in constitutional petition 104-105 0f 20012 has there should not be unlimited freedom to the media and code of conduct should be prepared for media and code of conduct should be implemented as well.

The court directed AG to bring the issue into the knowledge of government and ask them to legislate on the issue to avoid miss-reporting.

During the course of hearing on court quarry AG informed the court that Pemra has issued notices to private TV channel for telecasting that program. He presented the show cause notice issued to the channel.

Meanwhile giving remarks Justice Jawwad Khawaja said that it is regrettable that in a program of private TV it has been said that I have personal enmity with Pak Army but my family has given sacrifices for the country and many relative of mine are in Army, adding that if I am involved in heinous crime than I should not be seated here as judge.

Everything should be clear before the nation and no one should be spared if involved in steps against the institutions, Justice Jawwad said adding that we would not permit to publish or telecast the thing against the state institutions.

Later the court due to shortage of time adjourned the haring of case till June 10.

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