SC takes notice of malicious banners against judiciary; disposes off Geo’s plea against illegal disclosure

SC takes notice of malicious banners against judiciary; disposes off Geo’s plea against illegal disclosure

suprem-court The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday disposed off the petition filed by the Independent Media Corporation (IMC) on behalf of Geo Network against illegal disclosure of its transmission on cable networks, meanwhile the apex court taking notice of malicious banners against judiciary placed in capital city has sought explanation from Director General Intelligence Bureau (DG, IB) and Interior Secretary within two days.

Two-member bench of apex court comprising Justice Jawad S Khawaja and Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the case on Monday. Akram Sheikh represented the IMC, while DG, IB Aftab Sultan, Secretary interior Shahid Khan, Director legal Pemra and Ibrahim Satti advocate appeared on behalf of Pemra appeared before the court.

As court resumed the hearing of case Justice Jawwad addressing to the Attorney General for Pakistan (AG) Salman Aslam Butt said that the malicious banners against a state institution (Judiciary) have been placed in Red Zone area of federal capital but government has not taken any action yet.

AG replied to court quarry that Secretary interior and DG, IB would inform the court in this regard. Later DG IB Aftab Sultan informed the court that the issue of banner has came to his notice.

Upon that Justice Jawwad remarked that the banner have been placed in red zone not in Bajur Agency or far flung areas of the country but you (DG, IB) are saying that the has come to your notice. We give you 24 hours to inform the court that who had placed the banners on the name of Farzandan-e-Islam, Justice Jawwad added.

Whether these banners have been place by the human beings or any other supernatural creature (angels).

On the occasion Secretary Interior Shahid Khan also said that he also un-aware of the banners placed in red zone area of federal capital. Upon that Justice Jawwad said that the view of the interior secretary is not the answer of the issue but Secretary Interior has to explain that if the malicious banners can be placed in the sensitive area of the capital than any un wanted incident also can occur in the area. If it is the negligence of concerned institutions than it is most dangerous thing, he said.

During proceedings Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) officials assured the apex court that the 2012 decision would be implemented with letter and sprit.

Under the 2012 decision, cable operators cannot block channels without their licence being cancelled or suspended by PEMRA.
PEMRA officials informed the apex court that action would be taken against those who removed channels.

In its order the Supreme Court stated that the hearing of the case pertaining to objectionable banners against the judiciary will be held on May 28 and a report has been summoned from DG IB.

The court observed in the order that the order in this case is being dictated in national language Urdu, due to the importance of the case.
SC directed the office to upload the court decision on website including the photos of malicious banners against judiciary, so that the masses could be informed that some elements are involved in maligning the state institution (judiciary).

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