Scandalous Video: Warrant issued for Meera’s arrest

Scandalous Video: Warrant issued for Meera’s arrest

meera naveedOn a leaked sex video featuring popular actress Meera and her ex-husband captain Naveed, the Lahore session court issued arrest warrant against Meera for the third time on Tuesday. The objectionable video was leaked around two months back and went fiercely viral on social media. Many questions were raised on its credibility and morality of the actress and her beau. However, Meera and Capt. Naveed insistently denied the authenticity of video calling it fake and bogus; a propaganda to sabotage Meera’s reputation around the time of the inauguration of her hospital. A suit was filed against Meera and a relevant SHO was ordered to present an investigation report on the issue. However, despite repeated notices neither did Meera and Naveed appear in the court to register their comments nor the SHO presented the demanded report. The court has issued a show cause notice to SHO Mazang for not presenting the report. The hearing for the case is postponed until March 25th.

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