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Scientillion launches 100% FREE and Personal Email Service with Unlimited Storage

Scientillion launches 100% FREE and Personal Email Service with Unlimited Storage

Researching is the most important and central step of writing a scientific paper that involves authentic information.  Using search engines properly is a main skill for researchers.  Scientillion has become one of the renowned and growing scientific search engines. It is growing its reputation among researchers around the globe with its rapid improvement in its features. It will become world’s ideal search engine for the scientific research in future. In February 2016 scientillion has introduced its 100% free and personal web email address service which is open to be used by everyone. Being dynamic and user-friendly is the main quality of any search engine. It is therefore recommended for you to get yourself registered with your email address with your name before anyone else uses it for himself. It can be operated and easily used from any part of the world with quite more and more interesting tools. Following are some of the features of the scientillion search engine:

Unlimited Storage

It is very good news for the new users of scientillion that it has introduced unlimited storage for the email accounts which means you can have as much emails with the attachments in your inbox for ever without the worry of deleting old emails because of space and storage issues. This is a very important and special feature that attracts the users to make their email accounts with scientillion as they can save their important data, attachments, photos, whatever they want in their custody. In this way they can enjoy the unlimited freedom of storage.

Webmail Access

Another interesting feature of the scientillion is the webmail access which can be used easily and rapidly on any web browser including mobile phones, tablets and computers. It gives you the opportunity that allows you tension free travelling and you can check your important emails from anywhere in the world. You have the access to your mails via SMPT and IMAP while using your preferred email client.

Being the modern webmail interface scientillion performs equally well on smart phones and android devices which bring ease to life.

Various Top-level domains

With the above important and interesting features of scientillion, it gives us the option to choose between various levels of the domains. It depends on the choice of the users that he tends to opt between different top level domains for his email address. This feature of the scientillion can be recognized by the users as being one of the important aspects while using the email addresses on scientillion.

Other Features

With its introduction, it has defined a professional and practical approach towards the email usage and many features like unlimited storage; it has led behind many old search engines and web browsers. With the ongoing advancement and improvement, many new features like filters, email forwarding etc. will be introduced very soon that is expected to hit the users with pleasure.

With all these above mentioned features, scientillion has become the most widely used scientific search engine for the scholars and the researchers.

New users may signup with few clicks at: https://mail.scientillion.com/mail/


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