Scientillion – The most preferred Scientific Search Engine

Scientillion – The most preferred Scientific Search Engine


Scientillion – Science and Publication Search Engine

Relatively new but probably the most preferred scientific search engine, Scientillion is currently being operated in more than 20 countries worldwide. The search engine was built to facilitate scientific research through a quick and functional interface.

Scientillion has become popular amongst scholars, scientists, students and publishers as its results are ranked on the basis of high rate of accuracy and clarity. Quantitative science is the center on which this search engine is based. This search engines can be used from anywhere in the world.

It allows formula searches and provides mathematical syntax. The researchers can also avail remote publication and articles and can access the information that other normal search engines don’t offer. The major benefit of Scientillion is that it is free and when using this search engine, every researcher is sure gain an edge. This search engine is distinguished among the others because there are only a few search engines that have such features.


The major features of Scientillion are as follows

  1. Article search
  2. Formulas
  3. Tips and Tricks
  4. Physics Constants
  5. Calculators
  6. Browser adons.

The researchers are lucky to find an extensive amount of academic material over Scientillion. It is working as a large scientific database. This simple resource can help students, scholars, scientists, and publishers effectively find reliable information.  They can use this search engine as their personal library.

Scientillion helps you in searching scientific papers in the fields like mathematics, physics, statistics and other. The searches are made through a repository of electronic preprints known as arxiv. The researchers can save a lot of their time in searching different kinds of research papers from all across the world.  .

The search engine not only provides tools for mathematics, statistics and calculation including  formulas of maths, equations and constants but the researchers can also find Wikipedia information and articles. Scientillion is available to the researchers to cater their all types of scientific and academic requirements especially if you are an academic writer.

With so many distinguishing features you can say that it is one of the best search engines helping in all types of scientific works. Thousands of articles by different authors are found on Scientillion. You can search any special article by a particular writer by mentioning his name. You can also submit your articles by signing up your account.

The following maths and statistic calculators are offered by Scientillion.

  • Online P-Value Calculator
  • Significance Calculator
  • Poisson Distribution Calculator

There are some more smart tools that you will find on Scientillion very soon. It is really a smart search engine that also has its browser plugin for those who want to use it. The method of installing its browser adon is mentioned on the websites. Those who are interested can install it by taking guidelines from the website. And in the News Archive, you can find all latest scientific news related to Scientillion.

You will definitely find it an impressive search engine designed especially for researchers, scientists, students and scholars.

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