Security plan of Ashura processions finalized

Security plan of Ashura processions finalized

secISLAMABAD: Fool-proof security arrangements have been made to ensure peaceful conduct of the mourning processions being taken out today in connection with the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain in Kerbala.

Security has been put on high alert countrywide for the protection of processions of tenth of Muharram.

Strict security checks have been maintained from place to place on routes of the processions. Also, jammers have been placed along the routes. The processions will be aerially monitored to contain any potential threat.

The CCTV cameras will also be tapped into to keep a vigilant eye on any suspicious activity. Control rooms have been set up for the purpose.

All roads leading up to the route of the processions on different points, have been container-plugged with the number of entry points reduced to the minimum possible.

The army is alert in sensitive areas. Thousands of personnel of police and the rangers are standing guard along the routes today.

The bomb disposal squad searched the routes of the processions. Meantime, special passes were issued for media personnel to cover the processions.

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