Send people to parliament who takes care only for national interests: Chairman PML-LM

ISLAMABAD, (SANA): Pakistan Muslim League-Likeminded (PML-LM) Chairman Salim Saifullah Khan has said that politics has remained getting personal interests rather than national interest and the only vision of today’s politics is to capture power and the incumbent rulers have brought the country on the verge of disaster.

He was addressing to a conference organized by PML-LM in connection with Pakistan Resolution Day here on Saturday.

Yaqoot Jamilur Rehman, Malik Riaz, Amna Saleem, Professor Saba Javed, Ajab Gul Surani and large number of Muslim League workers were also present on the occasion.

Salim Saifullah Khan said that Pakistan was passing through critical phase of its history and the reason behind is lack of leadership.

He said our focus should be to leave no stone unturned for saving country as its situation was like a patient in intensive Care Unit and there is need of collective effort to pull the country out from existing crisis.

He appealed to the nation to send those people to parliament who takes care only for national interests. He said it was extremely unfortunate that the incumbent rulers shattered the dreams of Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Muhammad Iqbal and leaders of Tehrik-e-Pakistan.

He lamented that those who became ministers, they made property or set up business in London or Dubai etc.

He said that it was extremely unfortunate that all big institutions like WAPDA, PIA, OGRA, Steel Mills, and Pakistan Railway etc have become defaulters. He said that Allah has blessed our country with numerous resources, but the only problem is lack of leadership.

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