Shahbaz Sharif sworn in as CM Punjab 3rd time; vows to end power crisis and patwari culture in province

Shahbaz Sharif sworn in as CM Punjab 3rd time; vows to end power crisis and patwari culture in province

LAHORE, (SANA): Mian Shahbaz Sharif has taken oath as Chief Minister Punjab for third time. Governor Punjab Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood administered the oath of new CM Punjab in a ceremony held at Governor House. Governor Punjab congratulated Shahbaz Sharif on becoming CM Punjab. Caretaker CM Punjab Najam Sethi, Senator Ishaq Dar and other leaders of PML-N were present in the ceremony. Meanwhile in his inaugural address in the Punjab Assembly Shahbaz Sharif said PML-N government would make all efforts for overcoming energy crisis in country. He said government will take all opposition parties along for the solution of problems facing by Punjab province.

He said Patwari culture would be ended in 2014 in Punjab, adding changes would be brought in police system and steps would be taken for provision of speedy justice to masses. Shahbaz also announced to start health insurance for poor people of the province.

Earlier Shahbaz Sharif was elected as chief minister of Punjab for the record third time after receiving 300 votes; meanwhile his opponent PTI’s candidate Mian Mehmood-ur-Rashid secured 34 votes.

Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammed Iqbal presided the session where the election for the leader of the house took place.

There was a contest between PML-N’s Shahbaz Sharif and Mian Mehmoodur Rashid, a joint candidate of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and the PML-Q while the PPP-P and the JI had not fielded its candidate for the slot of chief minister Punjab.

Chief Minister was elected through division of votes in the provincial legislature.

Shahbaz Sharif said that his government would end the “Thana and Patwari” culture in Punjab by 2014. He said,” My party will root the corruption out and introduce new system in our culture.” He said that the electricity load shedding is digging the basis of Pakistan, adding that the 100 million people have elected us to overcome the load shedding issue. He said that even today the 700 megawatt electricity is being sent out of Punjab. Shahbaz Sharif said that we will not silt peacefully until and unless the issue of electricity is resolved. He said we have to end the load shedding on the war footing, adding that the country is facing severe challenges. He announced to distribute solar tube wells for the farmers, who are owners of 12 and half acres.

He said that all the data of lands and properties would be computerized for transparency, law and order situation would improve after elimination of the Thana and bribery system in our society.

He pointed out his party would give solar powered tube wells to the small farmers to increase the agriculture yield.

He stated the load shedding had destroyed the agricultural as well as industrial sectors.

He said it had also affected country’s exports and foreign exchange reserves had dwindled to 5 to 6 billion dollars, which is an alarming situation.

Shahbaz Sharif assured that his government would explore all possible resources including coal to generate electricity and also complete the pending power projects including Nandipur and Chichu Ki Malyan on priority basis. He said 60 billion rupees has been spent on these projects so far, adding that 900 megawatt electricity would be produced from these projects.

He vowed he would never hurt the confidence of the people and work hard for progress and prosperity of the masses.

Shahbaz vowed to take steps on war-footing to end the load shedding by introducing solar power systems and enhancing the capability of electricity generation.

Admitted that justice was “on the sale” in the province, Shahbaz vowed to bring an end to the corrupt “thana patwari culture”. He vowed to replace the obsolete system with computerized system initially in 36 districts of the province.

“This house has been elected by votes, and by the power of prayers of the masses, and it is the time to steer the people out of the crisis,” he said.

Shahbaz pledged that extra government lands would be utilized for the prosperity of people.

He said the circular debt amounting of 500 billion rupees can be overcome by checking the electricity theft of 207 billion rupees annually.

The chief minister-elect said the load shedding has destroyed the agricultural as well as industrial sectors. He said that hundreds and thousands of laborers have become jobless due to the closure of electricity. He said that the theft of gas and electricity of billions of rupees have been committed in the country.

“This has also affected our exports and foreign exchange reserves to an alarming situation. Therefore‚ all the resources will have to be utilized to end the menace on war footing.”

He said new educational institutes will be established to promote quality education in the province. “Providing education to every child is the mission of his government.” Shahabaz vowed to start Ashiana schemes throughout the province for the poor people.

Shahbaz Sharif also announced to bring revolutionary changes in the education system of the province, adding that the new educational institutions would be established with the cost of billions of rupees.

He said that a dictator had ended the dialysis of kidney patients in Punjab, adding that today the very dictator is facing house arrest and Mian Nawaz Sharif has become prime minister of the country. He said that the PML-N government has against started the free of cost dialysis of kidney patients.

He said that even today the Pakistan of poor and rich is different. He said that the health assurance card will be issued for the poor people, adding that there would be meager fee of card annually. He said that the poor would also enjoy the health facilities like the rich people through this card. He said that 40 thousand poor students are getting education through Punjab endowment fund, adding that Nawaz Sharif will announce this program for whole country soon. He said that there is 60 billion dollar debt on Pakistan, adding that every single penny would be spent on the masses. He said that there would not flags on the houses and vehicles of ministers and chief minister.

He said that it was his mission to educate every child. He said that the access to information bill would be tabled soon in assembly and after that the whole nation and would be able to take accountability of every single penny of the province from the rulers. Shahabz Sharif said that Punjab would be a role model for whole country and there would great name of Punjab in whole world also.

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