Shahbaz terms NAB’s allegations as baseless; asks NAB Chief to issue denial of allegations; says to quit politics if allegations proven

Shahbaz terms NAB’s allegations as baseless; asks NAB Chief to issue denial of allegations; says to quit politics if allegations proven

LAHORE, (SANA): Former chief minister Punjab and PML-N Punjab President MIan Shahbaz Sharif says all allegations leveled against him by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) are baseless, adding that he is not a defaulter. He asked the NAB chairman Fasih Bukhari to issue denial of the report otherwise should be ready to face the law suit. He said that group of four is behind the character assassination campaign against PML-N and its leadership.

During a press conference in Lahore, Shahbaz Sharif requested the caretaker government to conduct an investigation into the matter and said that he will quit politics forever if allegations against him are proven to be true.

Shahbaz said he had been falsely accused as part of a conspiracy hatched by a group of four people and also questioned why nothing was being said or done to those who had stolen billions of rupees from OGRA, Rental Power Projects and NICL. Shahbaz Sharif said: “I reject NAB’s allegations. We are not defaulter of single penny.”

He asked NAB Chief Fasih Bokhari to rebuff the report or be prepared to face legal action. “We will give up politics if allegations regarding loan’s write-off or bank default are proved,” he said.

The former chief minister said that a gang of four people was involved in a malicious campaign against Sharif brothers due to their party’s popularity in all four provinces ahead of the general elections. “We will expose the gang at an appropriate time,” he added.

He further said that if action against such unwarranted claims is not taken, the people might assume that the accusers are supported by the interim setup. He said that if any single penny of written off was proved against him or his family he would quit the politics, adding that the allegation of NAB regarding the loan dafualter is baseless.

He said that the election commission has included the box for the candidate having not written off the loans was included on the suggestion of PML-N, adding that it is the moral victory of the PML-N.

He said that the PML-N is demanding from many years that the people who have written off their loans on political bases should be barred from taking part in elections and should be brought to justice. He said terming him and Nawaz Sharif as bank defaulters is the biggest lie of the century. He said that the Supreme Court had quashed the sentence of Nawaz Sharif in so called plane high jacking case. Shahabz Sharif also presented the certificate issued by the State Bank showing that they were not loan defaulters.

He said that the opponents after seeing defeat written on the wall have started leveling baseless allegations on the leadership of PML-N, adding that the allegations on the PML-N leadership are the part of the malicious campaign of opponents.

He said that the leadership of the PML-N believes that the group of four is behind the campaign, adding that he will expose the group on the proper time.

Shahbaz Sharif said that I reject all these baseless allegations and term them as completely baseless.

He said that the PML-N is the most popular party of the country and Mian Nawaz Sharif is the most popular leader of the country.

He said that all the loans were paid in 1999, adding that every single penny was returned. He said that he has complaint from the TV channels which had aired the news against them without the verification, adding that if they were defaulters then would not had been allowed to take part in the elections in 2002 and 2008. He said that if any loan or loan written off was proved against them they would quit politics for ever.

Shahabz Sharif said that I challenge the characters of the character assassination of PML-N to present the proofs of the allegations before the masses in 24 hours, adding that if they would to do so then they should seek apology from the nation and the PML-N leadership.

Shahbaz said I demand from the Chairman NAB to immediately issue rebuff on the report otherwise he should become ready to face legal action.

He said that I demand from interim government especially Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso and election commission to take notice of this matter and should not keep mum over this matter.

He said that the PML-N is the most popular party and taking action of the allegations of the government institution is the moral and legal duty of the high officials. He said that if the government would not fulfill its duty then the nation will think that these allegations have guardianship of the interim government.

He said that I demand from the election commission to ensure implementation of the recently issued code of conduct, adding that the elections commission should investigate the whole matter we will wait for this.

He said that the ECP should ensure implementation of its code of conduct regarding media

He said everything did by NAB during the past five years is in front of everyone, adding that the nab should inform the nation where are the $60 million of President Zardari.

Shahbaz Sharif also presented the decisions of the courts during the press conference flanked by Senator Parvez Rashid, Senator Ishaq Dar, Senator Raja Zafarul Haq, Senator Mushahiddullh Khan and Tariq Azim.

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