Six Pakistanis among 21 hostages freed by US Navy Seals

Six Pakistanis among 21 hostages freed by US Navy Seals

amongS Navy Seals conducted an operation and freed 21 crew members, six Pakistanis among them, held hostage on a North Korea-flagged vessel in international Mediterranean waters. Pentagon officials said the US commandos raid the vessel, Morning Glory, on the request of Cyprus and Libya and got freed 21 crew members, including six Pakistanis. There were that a North Korea-flagged oil freighter has been seized by some armed Libyan rebels in sea territory of Republic of Cyprus, an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Officials said three of the anti-government Libyan rebels were also arrested. They said the Morning Glory will soon head to Libya under the control of a team of US forces. Media reports said the freighter was a North Korean-flagged vessel loaded with 200,000 barrels of oil. There were no further details available about the raid.

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