Stiffness of academic system for students

Stiffness of academic system for students


I want to commence with an optimistic node. Whatsoever are being displayed, it sounds like our prayers have been reciprocated. Our More then 6,000 martyrs blood have not gone wasted and we can Detect a wave of change arriving in Pakistan. Being an optimistic Pakistani, I am expecting this spring season is really gone be the season of jubilation, hilarity and hopes for us. As PM has become responsible now and striving to resolve all the problems coming to him. So taking the advantage of rational behavior of our Government, I am picking out a serious problem that our students are suffering from. Pakistani Apprentice’s complications always have been shunned. The little that critics have pinned about it, is just curriculum’s setup, and academic institutes’s safety measures also have been added now. Let me shape it indeed cleared to everybody, please try to be little much onlookers and sane. Please leave the gossip at a side for a while as there are various serious issues really waiting for you to drop a note on. Difficulties of a common Pakistani student are a severe issue. Government is wholly oblivious what schoolchild longing for. All the legislators, politicians and media s fraternity are negligent about the affirm matter of contention of a pupil who belong to a low and middle class family background. Pakistan s greater part is amalgamation of inferior and medium class so majority s plight can not be kept at a side. we requisite the sameness and equality system at academic level. Punjab University is dispensing a row of salubrious Programmers then why these syllabi have been constraint only to Punjab University within the boundaries of Lahore. Why the rest of spheres are deprived of these very esteemed courses. Why villages and town are being behaved like this. Currently Punjab University is presenting qualification in probably 63 departments. Likewise Open University too offering the similar bar. Only these two institutes is fulfilling the demands but only of those students who anyhow manage to migrate out of city or of native students. Both these organizations have opened their campus in few cities but these campuses are again with very selective mood of course whereas rest of cities totally has been neglected. These newly opened campuses are left very hardly with one or two minor courses. Expanding fee structure is the voluminous problem students are passing through.

Who says education is free. Whoever say must be day dreamers. As for as the campaign by the title of Alif Ailagn is concerned , it has only main objectives that every child should be in school for quality education. I have deeply studied about it but did not find it satisfactory at all. Once again same workouts for the same and already revealed problems. The question emerges here, How to be in schools, how to bring the child to the school. for bringing the children to school the education should be ostensibly out of cost or at least at convenient oblation. Schools must build up in all quarters. How there can be quality education .Whereas there is clearly discrimination present in schooling systems. Schools have classified into two categories. Good School. Bad Schools. The institutes carrying the loads of fees are considered good school .Bad school is those with low fee. This inequality leads the feelings of inferiority and superiority complex among the teenagers and creates various social menaces in time ahead. Indeed to some extent in primary institutes fee is under the approach of general native. But just on primary and middle level. Grades one to ten grade fee levels is few bits down. These learners may be having the benefit of approachable cost. But the tragedy and biggest dilemma is if they have been accommodating with one dexterity of crouched fees on the other side they are suffering from low standards of coaching. These are the Official (Sarkari) Schools. Official schools are with lesser expanses and with minor scholastic system too. Private schooling organizations are taking the high amount but also giving the quality education in return.

Colleges and universities’s students are still facing the same botheration. No one ever has thought about resolving their disputes. There is a comparison needed what labor is earning, seemingly 8000 to 10000 and has to manage the electricity bill, gas bills, health expanse other little miscellaneous and daily irregular expanses while the semester fee is 30,000 in some institutes and in few more then it which student must pay after every 3 month. Native student can afford it somehow by hook and crook because 2 month s paying gape give them bit duration for envision but for migrated students it is intense problem to line up the hostels charges every Month. Emigrate students have to face the triple time more expanse. Curtailment of fees is the case of merely primary standard schools.

While universities s students faces array of can of worms. excessive and intolerable fee charges. Truancy of the imperative and demanded courses in their native cities. So they are bulldozed to proceed with other cities. Where two elemental headache awaiting for them .Residential affair they face at first. Which is feasible in the contour of hostels but once more hostels charges are almost breath taking, in addition maximum universities are having hostels building quite far away from the educational department. So over and over transport charges also need to get paid. Mess charges separately. As its not hidden from any one Pakistan ‘ s lion share is managing very adversely their livelihood. How can go through with all those expanses. And in case apprentice find it appropriate to do any part time job for cast to run .it is once again a unsolvable problem for them to search out a suitable job. It is a time taking process within this country, sometime blooming sometime detrimental and if a girl have to pass over all situation then for carrying out a job and managing for staying in hostel is highly fraught with danger as girls are being kidnapped and abolished constantly so security s issues are the main clogging for them. A long chain of disincentives are there for poor students. No bank I found that would be offering the loan to students on easy basis .and if few are doing so then very trifle amount they are contributing. I don’t know which problem is brimming and which is diminished. Which one to mention at front and which on later. As for as the scholarship is tied up in knots It is accessible only for extremely talented students. All can not be of similar categories. Even these students too are not totally out of crunches. when they won’t find mandatory discipline in their native academic they would too face the synonyms problems .so at least despite of reduplicating the same embroilment again and again try to look the hidden but extremely disturbing circumstances and also try to bestow the entire courses in every city on very fair cost. Because current conformity is surly going to stop masses to foresee around studying.

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