Struggle will soon result in revolution: Dr. Qadri

Struggle will soon result in revolution: Dr. Qadri

qdriiiiISLAMABAD: Expressing his unfaltering conviction, Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chief Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri said the struggle for the revolution could never be fruitless; hence, the sun of revolution would definitely rise before long.

Addressing the participants of the Inqilab March in front of Parliament House in Sunday’s wee hours, he said the creation of Pakistan also was a consequence of persistent endeavors that continued for 200 years.

Exhorting the marchers to remain on their mark for the positive change meant to revolutionize the destiny of the poor in the country, the PAT chief remarked, “It has never been an easy and effortless task to bring about the positive change in the society.”

Citing the instances from the sacred life of the holy Prophet (peace be upon him), Dr. Qadri argued that the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) spent 53 years in Makkah, where people held him in high esteem as long as he did not proclaimed his status as a prophet.

Before his prophethood, the PAT chief continued, the people of Makkah used to call him ‘Sadiq-o-Ameen’ (truthful and trustworthy) and sought his succor in their daily affairs, adding, but, at the age of 40, the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) announced Allah’s Oneness and his prophethood; this changed everything.

This was a turning point for people, who put up tough resistance against him and became his adversaries, Dr. Qadri maintained adding the people of Makkah, with their intense antagonism against the holy Prophet, heaped piles of hardships in his way, despite the fact that they witnessed all significant miracles including those related with celestial bodies in his era of Makkah.

With all his grand and tremendous miracles, the people of Makkah shied away from his message and a meager number of 400 people accepted Islam, the PAT chief asserted adding then, the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) directed his followers to migrate to Madina.

The number of Muslims, he added, phenomenally increased after they came under the umbrella of new system in Madina, asserting the Muslims grew to over 10,000-mark within eight years and their number burgeoned to 150,000 in the next two years.

Dr. Qadri underlined, “No one from the high-ups, feudal lords and the rich of the society in Makkah, accepted the prophetic call for change of the poor’s destiny. This tradition never changed. Only the suppressed and the deprived people accepted the call.”

“Feudal lords or chieftains defy the call for revolution as they strengthen the status quo of corrupt system and the system supports them,” adding the high-ups, with the help of social and economic assassinations of the poor, sought them to always remain emaciated and enslaved.

Appreciating the participants of the sit-in, Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri underscored, “I congratulate you that you stood up for the poor and their rights. You came here for the downtrodden strata of Pakistani society, who have been rendered bereft of even the consciousness regarding their dire plight. You will be given the virtues of 100 martyrs as you challenged the Yazids and Ibn-e-Zayads of this era, according to hadith.”

He emphasized the cruel and corrupt rulers always tamped down the poor so vehemently that they were deprived of any hope that they may ever step into the corridors of power.

He also encouraged the participants of Inqilab March sit-in, saying that they, who are out of their houses from August 1, would be credited with the positive change in the country

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