Taliban Shura being contacted for direct talks: Prof. Ibrahim

Taliban Shura being contacted for direct talks: Prof. Ibrahim

ibrahimProfessor Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, committee member of Taliban for peace talks, said that the Shura is being contacted for holding direct negotiations. He said that the contacts are being made with Taliban political shura for selection of time and place for the meeting of both committees with them. He said that the decision about place and time regarding direct talks with Taliban would be made in next one to two days. He said PPP should show patience, adding that the harsh attitude of the PPP leadership could create hurdles in the release of Shahbaz Taseer and Ali Haider Gilani. He said that the contentious matters should not be ignored.

In an interview with a private TV channel Professor Ibrahim said that efforts are being made to strike a consensus on the establishment of a peace zone in Waziristan.


Peace zone is one of the two demands made by the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in their first round of direct talks with the government in late March.


Professor Ibrahim said that release of non-combatants, a second Taliban’s demand, would be a significant progress.


“Our meeting with the government’s committee was very positive. Both parties are serious and will soon evolve a consensus on the issue of peace zone,” he said. “We will try to persuade Taliban to declare a permanent ceasefire.”


Prof. Ibrahim said that the peace talks with Taliban militants are being held in a positive manner. He added that Taliban Shura is being contacted for holding direct talks. “A new venue and date will be announced for the second consecutive sitting”, he said.


Taliban committee member further said that the atmosphere for peace talks have turned favorable after the militant organization extended cease fire and the federal government of Pakistan announced the release of 13 non-combatants.


He further said that the successful completion of the peace talks will make their dreams of peace come true.


Professor Ibrahim said that confidence was being restored between the government and Taliban and that positive results of the development would be evident soon.


Professor Ibrahim said that he was in contact with the TTP Shura and the place and time for holding the next round of peace talks would be decided upon soon.


He further said that the process of exchanging prisoners from both sides would begin soon.


Professor Ibrahim said that the success of talks between the government and Taliban would fulfill the dream for peace in the country.


He said that government and Taliban liaison committees’ members would be leaving for North Waziristan for holding talks with the Taliban political shura in two to three days.


He said that the talks proceeding ahead with confidence building measures and the dream for peace would be fulfilled with the success of talks.


Earlier, South Waziristan’s political administration released 16 Taliban prisoners on April 2 as part of goodwill gesture, According to reports, those freed were arrested during various search operations in South Waziristan two years ago. Sources say the free men include Mera Jan, Abdullah Jan, Salamat Khan, Bandshah Gul, Abdul Aziz, Noorzada, Satta Jan, Saddam Hussain, Ziauddin, Sher Pao, Riaz Ali, Mir Alam, Sher Alam Khan, Iqbal, Noor Alam.

Reportedly, these men belong to outlawed Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) of Mehsood area.

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