Taliban shura likely to announce conditional ceasefire in 24 hours

Taliban shura likely to announce conditional ceasefire in 24 hours

taliban-fighters1ISLAMABAD, MIRANSHAH: The meeting of the Political Shura of banned Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) ended at some undisclosed location of North Waziristan Agency. The Taliban has agreed on ceasefire with the government. The Taliban could announce conditional ceasefire. Taliban could demand release of their non-combatant companions including women, children and old people who have nothing to do with the terrorism. Meanwhile the matters regarding the dialogues between government and Taliban have started moving forward with great speed. The state institutions are being taken into confidence. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could announce the ceasefire in the presence of both negotiation committees if the matters between both parties were settled.

The meeting of the government negotiation committee is expected today (Monday), in which the possible announcement of ceasefire by government and guidelines for following the ceasefire by both parties would be discussed.

TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid would announce the ceasefire decision of the shura, the sources added. The conditions of the Taliban political shura would be conveyed to the government through arbitration committee. The TTP shura also considered the matter of withdrawal of army from North Waziristan and attitude of the some members of the government negotiation committee. The shura has asked these members of the government committee to adopt reasonable attitude in media. It is expected that Taliban will release the kidnapped persons.

The sources further said that two members of government negotiation committee would leave for Miranshah to hold talks with Taliban shura. Two members each would could visit Miranshah for holding direct dialogues with the Taliban political Shura. The members who are expected to visit Miranshah include major (retd) Muhammad Amir, Rahimullah Yousufzai, Professor Ibrahim Khan and Syed Yousuf Shah. The progress on the matter is expected in next two days.

On the other hand, member of Taliban negotiation committee Professor Ibrahim Khan said that the process of negotiation has entered a new phase.

He said that the Taliban’s desire to hold meetings with COAS and DG ISI received positive response. He said that Taliban have started consulting other sections of the TTP and the issue would be resolved soon.

Professor Ibrahim confirmed the contact between Maulan Samiul Haq and Taliban leadership and said that issue of ceasefire was also discussed.

He the government and Taliban negotiation committees have expressed their concerns over the terrorist incidents in Karachi and Peshawar. Ibrahim said that terror attacks were carried out to sabotage the peace talks.

Earlier, the meeting of the political shura of banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) held on Sunday.

The coordinator of Taliban committee Maulana Yousaf Shah contacted Taliban after which he told that there was no discussion held on the release of prisoners. The session discussed the conditions for ceasefire.

Maulana Yousuf Shah, said that the militant’s political shura was discussing ceasefire with the government in a bid to end violent activities

Maulana Syed Yousaf Shah contacted Taliban after which he told that there was no discussion held on the release of prisoners.

He said members of banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’s political shura (council) came into contact with him and discussed various important matters pertaining the ongoing peace process.

He said that a meeting of the shura is underway in North Waziristan where militants’ leaders are holding consultation for consensus over a formal ceasefire with government. He said that the arbitration committee has contacted Taliban on the matter of ceasefire. He said that the Taliban should announce ceasefire first for the durable peace and for confidence building. He said if both parties would announce ceasefire then it would be easy to trace the third party involved in terrorist incidents.

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