TTP ‘sincere’ and ‘serious’ in peace talks with govt: Shahidullah

TTP ‘sincere’ and ‘serious’ in peace talks with govt: Shahidullah

ttp tMIRANSHAH: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Spokesman Shahidullah Shahid says the TTP is ‘sincere’ and ‘serious’ in peace talks with the government. He said they have contacted all the circles on the matter of ceasefire, adding that soon they will reach on better result. He said that there would be no problem in the implementation of any decision including ceasefire.

In a statement Shaidullah Shahid said that explanation of the Mohamand Agency incident is necessary, adding that the TTP shura would review this incident during its meeting. He said that the TTP is serious in the dialogue process, adding that all circles are satisfied over the progress in dialogue process, adding that there will be no problem in the implementation of any decision including ceasefire.

He said that the Taliban follow Shariah and in Shariah all are bund to obey the orders of the Amir.

“We are serious and sincere in holding talks, but the government should realize sensitivity of the situation,” banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman, Shahidullah Shahid said in a statement.

He said the Mohmand Agency incident was a reaction to the deaths of Taliban fighters. He said that the Mohmand Agency Taliban has given explanation the TTP shura will review this explanation. He said that the sudden increase in the killing of the Taliban detainees is worrisome and instigating. He said the halting of such incidents is vital for the dialogue process. He said that the people who love with Islam should play their due role for the success of the dialogue process. He said it is the desire of the TTP shura that the dialogue process should not be suspended in the wake of the Mohmand Agency incident.

The statement comes two days after a militant outfit identifying itself as Mohmand Agency Taliban claimed to have killed 23 FC soldiers they had kidnapped from a checkpost in the tribal region in 2010.

The Taliban claimed it in a letter posted on the social media, prompting the Prime Minister to condemn the incident.

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