Ulema, Mashaikh say dialogues only solution of problems facing by country; ask govt, Taliban to immediately announce ceasefire

Ulema, Mashaikh say dialogues only solution of problems facing by country; ask govt, Taliban to immediately announce ceasefire

taliban-fighters1LAHORE: The Ulema and Mashaikh conference in its declaration said the dialogues are the only solution of problems facing by the country. The Ulema demanded immediate ceasefire from government and Taliban on the name of Almighty Allah. The country is facing war like situation during the past 15 years and is the result of the wrong policies of the rulers. The declaration says the use of force and military operation would cause unending bloodshed in country and it would also put the stability and sovereignty of country at stake. Meanwhile Maulana Samiul Haq announcing the declaration said the nation hopes that the Taliban will talk in the language of peace and not in the language of force. The declaration said that putting water on the fire lit up by enemy is the responsibility of the whole nation and biggest Jehad.

The Ulema and Scholars Convention chaired by Maulana Samiul Haq was held on Saturday in Lahore following which a joint statement was issued. The leaders who attended the conference include Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan, Secretary General JI Liaquat Baloch, Professor Ibrahim Khan, Syed Yousuf Shah, Tahir Mehmood Asharafi and others. The statement placed emphasis on the dialogue process and called for the use of force to be avoided if talks failed.

Ulema also sought the Taliban support for the restoration of peace in the country. The declaration says both parties’ government and Taliban should not allow any hindrance in the dialogue process. The declaration says the Taliban are the sons of the nation and Ulema conference hopes that they soon would join us for the peace, security, humanity and country and will speak language of peace instead of using language of force so that we could achieve the Islamic and national goals and the enemies of the country should be defeated and Pakistan should move towards its destination. The declaration says the gathering of Ulema and Mashaikh hopes that all religious and political parties of the country would foil the internal and external conspiracies to destroy Pakistan through sectarianism, regional and linguistic conspiracies. The declaration says all political and religious parties will force both parties to stop all anti-peace activities.

The conference demands from the government and all institutions to address the real causes of the unrest. The declaration says the government should review the internal and foreign polices according the resolutions passed by the parliament.

The statement added that a ceasefire was necessary for talks to be successful and Ulema appealed to the Taliban and government to announce a ceasefire.

The statement placed responsibility on both parties in the peace talks to ensure the dialogue process was not interrupted.

According to the statement additional Ulema conventions were required in all four provinces.

They demanded to avoid any military operation or use of force against extremists. They warned both sides of the negotiating teams to be aware of the elements who are conspiring to make the talks process a failure.

The communique stressed upon the government‚ the Taliban‚ Ulema and media to play their role for solution to the issues facing the country.

The religious leaders have also urged the government to review country’s national and foreign policies.
They were of the view that use of force against militants will cause further deterioration in country’s law and order.

Over 200 Ulema and Mushaikh attended the convention under the chairmanship of chief of the arbitration committee Maulana Samiul Haq.

He also announced to observe the coming Friday‚ as the day of prayer for the success of the talk process.

Samiul Haq said the beginning of the dialogue process is encouraging. He said the dialogue process will succeed. He said such peace gathering would be held in Karachi, Peshawar and Islamabad. He said peace could not be restored through war. He said military solution will further create problems.

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