WAAR earned 70 million in just 4 days

WAAR earned 70 million in just 4 days

waar‘Waar’ is a Pakistani film doing roaring business in Pakistan.

It is said to be the most expensive Pakistani film ever to be made, the film is rumored to be partly funded by the military, a charge denied by the film director Bilal Lashari.

The film is about Pakistan’s fight against terror but seems to lay the blame for everything bad happening in the country at India’s doorstep.

Waar opened on Wednesday on 42 screens across Pakistan and set a new record of box-office collections pertaining to Eid openings.

Waar has also broken first day record set by King Khan’s Chennai Express that had earned around nine million rupees on Eid-ul-Fitr.
After a first day opening of Rs 11.4 million the big budget flick earned a total of Rs 42.6 million till Friday night, breaking all previous records of Eid collections.

Not only that, the film bizarrely suggests that even the dreaded Pakistani Taliban is controlled by India.
Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, a three Emmy and an Oscar award-winning Pakistani-Canadian documentary filmmaker tweeted, “#waar has cliches but so do Indian movies v go 2 c- whether you like the film or not, watch it for the sake of supporting local talent.”

Though the script of the movie is highly debatable, the technical and overall feel of the film is a welcome change.

Off late, Pakistani film industry, referred to as Lollywood, has come out with some fine works.

The hype around the movie has ensured that theatres are packed. Though one could see occasional claps in the theatre, many also came out not impressed.

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