Way for implementation of Shariah in country is given in constitution: Rashid

Way for implementation of Shariah in country is given in constitution: Rashid

prvez rasheedISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Pervez Rashid has said that the way for implementation of Shariah in the country is given in the constitution, adding that the government is fully resolved to make dialogue process with the Taliban successful. He said that the way for removing ban on banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan is present Taliban should adopt this way, adding that the government has left the matter of negotiations on both committees and it is up to them what decision they would make. He said that there is no pressure on the government regarding the matter of Parvez Musahrraf.

In an interview with a private TV channel Parvez Rashid said that they would leave a better Pakistan for living of future generations, adding that the dialogues are being held with the consent of both parties. He said that the dialogues are the fist step to reach at the destination, adding that some people have opposed the dialogue process but no party has opposed this process. He said that the government wants to take all parties on board regarding the dialogue process, adding that all institutions would have to follow the decisions of the parliament.

He said that the army is defence institution and it performs responsibility of protection of sovereignty of the country, adding that the concerned institution is consulted and then final decision is made. He said all the people follow this decision, adding that defence institutions take steps for the betterment of the country.

Parvez Rashid said that the whole government team is consisting on patriotic people and government would leave good Pakistan for next government, adding that the government is trying its best for the success of the dialogue process. He said that the Taliban should not take up arms instead of this they should take up the arm of negotiations. He said that Taliban demand of implementation of Shariah in country has not been received by the government yet, adding that the way of implementation of shariah is given in the constitution. He said the Taliban should become part of the democratic process and should seek support of the people instead of adopting way of force. He said according to the constitution of the country it was the right of every citizen to form a political party and take part in the elections.

He said that the dialogue process is adopted in whole world for resolving any dispute, adding that the government negotiation team is consisting on the patriotic people and these people have donated their lives for Pakistan, adding that no one could point finger at them.

He said that the present government would leave better Pakistan for living, adding that if we fail to do so it would be a big defeat for us. He with the Blessings of Almighty Allah this issue would be resolved in weeks, adding that the current government will not disappoint the masses.

He said every new day would be better from the previous day, adding that it might be issue of terrorism, economy or energy crisis. He said that the electricity load shedding has been decreased, adding that no big terrorism incident happened in past six days. He said the government has left the matter of dialogues on the committees, adding that it is hoped that these committee will give good news to masses. He said that there is no difference in PML-N, adding that things are based on speculations.

Pervaiz Rashid said that Irfan Siddiqui is taking part in the dialogue process on his request, adding that he had requested Irfan Siddiqui to participate in dialogue process on behalf of the government. The Minister said Irfan Siddiqui is a well-known analyst‚ columnist and intellectual. He said Irfan Siddiqui is his teacher. He said that the presence of the prime minister parliamentary proceedings is not necessary. He said prime minister is also chief executive he has to perform his duties. He said several times army chief has said that he accepts the supremacy of the constitution and this is the way of progress so the country. He said how army chief could say that there should be one law for Parvez Rashid and second law for Parvez Musharraf. He said that there is no pressure on government regarding the matter of Musharraf. Replying a question he said that the new chairman PEMRA would be appointed soon by following the set procedure.

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