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After Many Days. I turned on TV and was shocked to see the BREAKING NEWS ….
I was already thinking about Pakistani Idol when this news come before my eyes …. and I plunged in ocean of thoughts …..

If I am not wrong, we were taught in school that Two Nation theory was the base behind the struggle for a separate home land.
Quaid e Azam, said …. we want a piece of land, where we can practically implement Islamic Principles to spend our lives according to religion ISLAM. Our elders sacrificed millions of millions lives and finally Pakistan came into existence with the slogan …..


The piece of land called “”PAKISTAN”” that appear on the map of Earth on the name of religion Islam … was thought to be  an ISLAMIC COUNTRY but now after 68 years of existence, we start our day with MUSIC broad casted on Radio Channels and when we turn on Television, we find anchors (half expired teenager aunties and aunty type uncles) doing acrobats (following and preaching Indian culture) in their respective morning shows.
Hat’s off to the Enlightened Minds (NGO MIND SET), Liberalism (MEDIA), Modernism (DICTATORSHIP) and Democracy (POLITICAL PARTIES)

From last 10 days, I am continuously reading …. please check my words, I am reading not reciting …. I am reading Holy Quran, (which is said to have complete code of life for HUMANITY) and checking, if I can find a single Ayat or Chapter in support of MUSIC, PARTICIPATION OF WOMEN IN KABADI type GAMEs, DANCES IN MORNING SHOWS WEDDING etc etc …. but I failed. I could not find any thing in support of above mentioned activities ….

After being ignited with my words, for sure my half expired NGO AUNTIES and Aunty Type  MALE UNCLEs , plus perfect Media People , rotten political minds  will say ……
“” FEMALE PARTICIPATION IN EVERY ACTIVITY OF LIFE IS MUST, either its game or dances in morning shows ….
see Ameer Khusroo used to sing, and baba bulley shah used to dance … its SUFISM,
– when people dance in morning shows, they are just close to SUFISM,
– when stupid nation come to audition for becoming Pakistani Idol (singer) they are following Ameer khusroo, doing Sufism,
– when females are playing KABADI type games, they are improving their health and showing Pakistan positive image to the world…
– When womens are doing cat walk on Ramp in fashion shows, they are showing the world how talented we are
– When our ladies are doing modeling, they are telling people, Pakistani (MUSLIM) ladies are also beautiful and bold
etc etc
so if we want to be a strong, developed nation where democracy flourish , all such above mentioned activities should be supported at every level.
No Idea why a particular frustrated, dull mind set try to take us to stone age, and bring Islam in every thing as last tool to prove their stupid points …. !!!
The society where we are living today, we cannot implement Islam and we cannot spend our lives according to it. Sorry !!!!
Now big question comes in mind ….. WHat and Who is more AUTHENTIC …. ALLAH’s s Command as conveyed through Holy Quran  or our HUMAN LIBERAL MIND SET …. ???

I never thought this day would come in my life, when I will be really shamed of being a Pakistani ….

I really do not care, if people call me conservative / pessimist and un mindful, dull etc etc .

Oh please, all you, who support women right and such stupid activities (Pakistani Idol) …. do not create so much confusions in society …. do not force us to think about migration (HIJRAT) to save our faith or we die with the pain that we are going towards destruction day by day ….. (indirectly)

By: Dr Hina
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