Why are Pakistanis Still Reluctant to Shop Online via Mobile apps?

Why are Pakistanis Still Reluctant to Shop Online via Mobile apps?

The 21st century is an era of development and modernization. The mobile phones are the most commonly used technology nowadays. As the use of mobile phone grew, we saw a lot of improvements, and soon, different types of apps came into the market. Now it’s the time when we have apps for absolutely everything we want. It seems easy to use mobile apps for online shopping, but the reality is different from perception. People in Pakistan have their reasons to show reluctance to do online shopping by using apps. Here are some!

The Reality vs. Perception

Mobile apps sure have eased our lives up to a great extent. Just like other aspects of our lives, using it for online shopping sounds cool, too. Most of the shopaholics must have their favorite online store’s app downloaded on their mobile phones. But, they hardly use it for purchase. Now, let’s have a look at what the reality says.

According to a research, the online buyer’s traffic showed 46% increase through mobile phones in the year 2016. However, only 26% of that traffic confirmed their orders and made a purchase. This shows that people are using mobile apps, but face hurdles in between. Something in the middle disturbs them and they leave their shopping without completion. According to a survey by GetNow.pk team; people in Pakistan still prefer to buy online from online shopping stores instead of mobile apps. There are two reasons why people do not trust mobile phones for online shopping.

The Reasons for Showing Reluctance

Now, let’s have a look at the reasons why people leave their shopping in between and what makes them reluctant in buying through apps.

  1. Short Screen isn’t Cool

The mobile phones have short screens and people can’t see the product as easily as they see on their laptops and PCs. It makes them difficult to get a clear picture of a zoomed image. This creates doubts whether or not they should buy a product as they can’t get to see it properly.

What is more, people face difficulties in browsing and searching for products due to the limited screen. Shopping is all about finding and searching, and the mobile screens limit this aspect. As a result, shoppers login to an app, but find it niggling and leave the process in between.

  1. Privacy and Security Issues

The mobile phones’ security is always is doubt nowadays. Just as everything has been modernized in this era, the tracking system has also advanced up to a great extent. Therefore, the security concerns about the contact information motivate people to leave without paying.

In a Nutshell

Due to the above mentioned two reasons, people prefer shopping through laptops. The trend of leaving the process without paying on apps poses a challenge for retailers who spend a great amount. The mobile apps were made to ease the shopping process, but research shows the results are the other way around. People face an emotional ambivalence while using apps for shopping. Buying something on the web is a big decision as people spend their money on it.

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