Zardari’s Surrey mansion turns secret location for sex parties, claims British site

zrLONDON: Surrey mansion that had remained the property of former president Asif Ali Zardari is a secret location for sex parties with naked tennis and a dungeon.

According to a report of British website, “Mail on Line” in its day it was the English country retreat of former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto and her husband’s.

Today, in the genteel countryside of leafy Surrey, the once-proud mansion has a rather different role – as a secret location for sex parties.

The 15-bedroom house – not to mention the woods and grounds – has become a favourite for swingers and couples to meet for erotica evenings, wife-swapping and naked al fresco liaisons. Scroll down for video faded grandeur: Benazir Bhutto’s former Surrey home is now being used as a venue for weekend orgies

Neon lights: Ornate doorways and gilded woodwork are the only traces that remain of Bhutto’s time there

Red hot: Rockwood House is now used for sex parties offering ‘a sultry night of hedonsim and filthy tunes’ Where world leaders and dignitaries might once have sipped tea politely from bone china cups, men and women are invited to embrace on the sofas or cavort publicly on the lawns.

Games of naked tennis are played on the courts and there is a ‘dungeon’ in the cellar where guests are more likely to be found in bondage or fetish gear than in business suits or evening dress.

The new role for Rockwood House was revealed as it is being offered for sale – with a plan to say goodbye to all the hanky-panky and build an ultra-modern, £8.9million home in place of the forlorn-looking mansion.

Mrs Bhutto and her husband Asif Ali Zardari bought the house in 1995.
It later embroiled them in controversy amid accusations it was paid for with money from illegal kickbacks Mr Zardari received from government contracts.

Past owner: When former Pakistani president, Bhutto owned the house it boasted a £120,000 Lalique glass table

Mrs Bhutto’s government was dismissed for ‘corruption, misrule and nepotism’.

The mansion in Witney, near Godalming, was sold for £4million in 2004 and now has barely a trace of the Bhuttos’ residence there, save for some golden doorways and an ornate roof painted to resemble a night sky.

The tenant of the house has been renting it out for sex parties, advertised only days in advance and with tickets costing up to £450 each.

The most recent event, in August, was a two-day ‘mini festival of sin’ organised by events company Little Liaisons.

It was billed as ‘a full weekend of activities and adventures for pure unadulterated hedonism?.?.?. a walk on the wild side.’ The schedule of options listed naked tennis, sex in the pool, ‘naughty walks’ in the woods, plus open-air sex around a large bonfire, in the hot tubs or in the forest.

Little Liaison, which organised last month’s orgy, promised guests ‘pure unadulterated hedonism’ (posed by model) yesterday the tenant, who asked not to be named, said: ‘This is not a venue. ‘This is a private home, where I occasionally hold private events for a range of open-minded and wonderful people.

‘The majority of events that I hold here are musical events, or wonderful charity events. Yes, there have been events of a sexual nature, but I don’t see why that is anything for people to be ashamed about.

‘Everything that takes place is within the law and the authorities have absolutely no concern. Why should shame be attached to sexuality?
‘These are happy events – not some of the cocaine-fuelled private parties that probably take place all over the county.’

The house is being marketed by Sotheby’s as a ‘development opportunity’. Projected plans suggest the new house is unlikely to have any secrets to hide. It appears to be made almost entirely of glass.

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